VIDEO: Smelly Pick Up Line

Mike Tan who is our residents Food Hunter had a special mission this time! Best frind of us, Mr Smelly Poopie fall in love to one of our best ambassador Ms Stinky Pinkie. Smelly Poopie tried a lot of way to try to “im-poo-ress” Ms Stinky Pinkie under the help of his best pals, Crazy Pooty Pals, but none work out.

This Valentine, Mr Smelly Poopie swear he will be end his bachelorship and get happy ever after with Ms Sticky Pinkie. He decided to get help from Mike Tan to steal the heart of Ms Stinky Pinkie! Let’s watch how Mike will help Mr Smelly Poopie to win the heart of Ms Stinky Pinkie with some crappy pick up line!
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If you love our pick up line, don’t forget to try it out with your girlfriend (or your future girlfriend) and wife now to bring a smile on their face this Valentine Time. If you too shy to do it alone, Mr Smelly Poopie, Ms Stinky Pinkie and the Crazy Pooty Pals is awaiting you in Le Pont. Or we can send them right to your door step, make your request here: